Invitation: Please help pick my next single!

Hi music lovers!

I’m an independent singer-songwriter who’s best known from songs on Dance Moms (“Epiphany” from JoJo’s “Faith Is All I Need” and “Let It Fall” from Daviana’s “Shades of Blue.“)

I need you to help pick the songs that you like best on my upcoming release — the songs you’d most likely save, share, and add to playlists. I’ll be spending a little cash on promotion, and choosing the right songs to promote is crucial. Your opinion is everything. I’m way too close to it all to pick objectively.

My genre is mellow, soulful, jazzy, singer-songwriter pop, somewhere between Norah Jones, Colbie Callait and Ingrid Michaelson, but with a little more blues/soul.

I’d love to know your picks. To listen to the new tracks and tell me your favorite(s), please shoot me an email at . No haters, please. If you don’t like my music, that’s fine, but no need to troll. I work hard at this.

I’m gathering a list of music lovers now, and I expect to send you out the survey in April.

Thank you! I need your help and I appreciate it!

To everyone that does the survey and gives your song picks, I’ll give you mp3s of the whole finished album when it’s done (May or so).

I am definitely not asking for money, and I will not give your email to any lists. I don’t spam. I just make music. If you don’t want to use email, then any other other way I can include you in the survey is fine, like Facebook messenger.

Feel free to check out my past music if you want to get an idea of my sound. Angela Predhomme on Spotify:

Thanks again! Please email me to be included in the survey about your song picks, or for any questions:

Angela Predhomme artist/songwriter email: SESAC member Recording Academy voting member

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